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Mashed potatoes (purée)

Updated: Apr 1

Mashed potatoes are an international side dish - it's popular among kids no matter where and it's been served as a perfect side dish on Thanksgiving.

It might sound like an easy recipe, but there are key success factors which are mandatory in order to get that creamy, silky smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes texture.

In sous vide cooking, it's much easier - you just toss everything into a bag and wait until it cooked.

That way you will cook and infuse the potatoes directly with milk and butter, instead of cooking and absorbing them with water.



  • 2 medium sized peeled potatoes (floury type)

  • 1/4 cup milk

  • 1/2 tablespoon salt

  • 60 grams unsalted butter

  • Touch of pepper

  • Scallion (optional)

  • Sweet potatoes - sliced and deep fried (optional)


Slice the potatoes to 1 cm (1/2 inch) size, spread them equally next to each other in the bag, add milk, unsalted butter (no need to melt it down), salt and pepper.

Submerge the vacuum bag into the preheated water at 90°C/194°F and cook it for 90 minutes.

Meshing into a silky smooth texture

After 90 minutes, the potatoes will be tender enough and will break apart when touched.

Separate the potatoes from the liquids into two bowls in order to control the moisture of the mashed potatoes.

Pass the potatoes through the fine mesh sieve to get that silky smooth texture.

Start adding back the liquids (milk and butter) while whisking the mashed potatoes and the liquids altogether.

Season with salt and pepper as needed.

Upgrading your dish

Well, the mashed potatoes (purée) are done, but why not upgrade it a little bit?

Peel the sweet potatoes and cut into small and very thin cuts, exactly as for sautéing purposes.

Fry the sweet potatoes in canola oil over medium heat (75°C/167°F) until golden.

Place the fries on a paper towel to absorb the unnecessary oil.

Spread the sweet potato fries and sliced scallion on top of the mashed potatoes.

Bon Appétit!

Final result

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