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New York Strip

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New York strip, Strip Loin Steak and sirloin steak are basically the same cut, generally cut from the uppermost section of the loin, where the meat is most tender.

It is easily the simple and fast cut to cook in sous vide and for me it beats the tenderloin and ribeye cuts when it comes to sous vide.

The biggest advantage of sous vide cooking is that no matter how thick the cut is, you'll still get a perfectly cooked edge to edge steak.

The formula is very easy - 1 inch (2.5cm) will take one hour to cook, so cooking my steaks will take two hours.

in addition, there is not fear overcook the steak, the time will only make the steak more tender (make make sure not to reach to too much tender



  • Steak 2 inch (5cm) thin.

  • Salt.

  • Black Pepper.

  • Fresh thyme.


Season your steak with salt, pepper and fresh thyme, as needed.

put the steak in into compatible sous vide bag and vacuum it.

if you don't have a vacuum machine, you can always use a ziplock bags (compatible to high heat and BPA free).

Place the bag into the preheated water in 56c (for medium rare result) and leave it bee for two hours.

After two hours awaiting, your steak is ready!

it is etabe, but it's not as tasty enough without the caramelized layer you get from searing your steak.

Remove the steak from the bag and try it with a paper towel.

preheat your skillet over high heat and toss your steak for 30 seconds on each size.

no need to sear it longer - the steak already done so be careful to to overcook it.

I tend to add to the searing process some butter, fresh garlic and thyme to get additional flavors.

The result - perfect steak

Medium rare, edge to edge perfection steak

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