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Eggs Benedict with Salmon

Updated: Apr 1

Eggs Benedict could be tricky - poached eggs and hollandaise sauce demand technical skills and strict timing - you can easily overcook the egg and break down the hollandaise sauce.

When it comes to Sous Vide - it's a simple process of tossing everything into the bag, but on the other hand- it's a matter of precision. Every ingredient should be dosed as precisely as possible, as even the slightest deviation from the recipe, will impact the final result of the hollandaise sauce.

I've been trying several times to finalize the recipe to tone down the vinegar and the dominant sourness taste. Finally, I think I got it.



  • Eggs - XL prefered

  • Egg yolks - 80 grams

  • shallot - 1 sliced

  • White wine vinegar - 5 grams, after reduction with shallots

  • Lemon juice - 10 grams

  • Water - 60 grams

  • Butter - 140 grams

  • Salt - 1 teaspoon

  • English muffin

  • Smoked/cured salmon

  • Dill

Cooking - hollandaise sauce

We're first going to start with Hollandaise sauce.

Slice the shallot and cook it with the white wine vinegar in a saucepan on high heat until you get a syrupy, sweet and sour reduction.

Add to the vacuum or a ziplock bag, the the following ingredients:

  • Egg yolks

  • Water

  • Vinegar after reduction

  • Butter (no need to melt the butter)

  • Lemon juice

  • Salt

Submerge the bag into the preheated water at 64°C/147°F and cook it for 90 minutes.

After 90 minutes, remove the bag from the water and mix with immersion hand mixer for 30 seconds.

pour in the sauce into a thermos bottle to keep it warm for final assembly with the poached egg.

Cooking - poached eggs

Immediately after finishing cooking the hollandaise sauce, raise the temperature

to 75°C/167°F .

Upon reaching the desired temperature, submerge carefully the eggs one by one into the water and cook for 13 minutes. the countdown start after the temperature reaches back to 75°C/167°F .

Assemble time

Halve the english muffins. Spread some olive oil or butter on the muffins and toast them until you get a golden crust.

Place a salmon piece on top of the muffin. Crack the poached egg carefully on a spoon to remove the unnecessary and uncooked egg whites and place it on top of the salmon. Pour the hollandaise sauce generously on top. Sprinkle some dill on top of the hollandaise sauce.

Now the most important step...

Are you ready?

Dig in!

Final result

Bonus - sous vide your egg whites

At the end of the process, you're going to end with egg whites.

Instead of throwing it away - let's sous vide it!

throw some sliced vegetable to hot pan (I usually use zucchini, bell pepper, onion). fill the mason jars with vegetables, salt, ground chili (for personal taste), egg whites and on top, sprinkle some parsley.

Submerge the mason jars into the preheated water at 80°C/176°F and cook for one hour.

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I’m confused about the vinegar... 5g before I put it in the pot? It evaporate in seconds!! Do I use more vinegar and only take 5g of the post-reduction mix? Wouldn’t the challote itself weight more than 5g?

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