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Broccoli - crispy outside, yet tender inside

Updated: Apr 1

Sous vide helps you cook vegetables without losing their vitamins by cooking in lower temperature and in vacuumed conditions.

moreover, your vegetables will still remain crispy outside, yet tender inside.

Broccoli is a great example for cooking vegetables in sous vide.



  • Broccoli.

  • Salt.

  • Black Pepper.

  • Dry chilli (optional).

  • Dehydrated garlic ground.

  • olive oil.

Cooking time

break the broccoli to small pieces and season with olive oil, salt, pepper (I prefer dry chilli) and garlic ground.

put everything in vacuum bag, seal it and submerge to a preheated water in 85c for 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes, your broccoli is ready and no additional steps are required.

Bon appetit!

The Result - crispy outside, yet tender inside

Bonus points

mashed potatoes and corn are highly recommended and will be eaten very fast by our kids

Recommended equipment

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Sep 25, 2018

Finally somthing green :)

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